2c la couleur couture 1979 + 1c nail pattern boldness boop-oop-a-dupe

i tried so hard to get good photos of this!  the shimmer/changing colors are most noticeable outdoors/in natural light, so i just snapped a few pictures in my car (don’t worry, i was parked).

but holy shitballs, everyone needs to go buy boop-oop-a-dupe immediately.  it’s incredible.  in the bottle, i could only see the red/pinky shimmer, but as soon as i put it on my nails and went outside it was like a COLOR EXPLOSION.  in the first photo you can kiiiind of see the green shift, the middle shows more of the amber to red, and the third is mostly red — but omg.  i can’t… omg.

IT WAS LITERALLY A HAZARD WHEN I WAS DRIVING because i couldn’t keep my eyes off of my nails.  i am obsessed.  i can’t speak to whether it’s a direct dupe of clarins 230 (although i’m sure there are a few nail polish bloggers who have compared the two), but it’s incredible.

tagged: #nail polish #la couleur couture #nail pattern boldness #sry for terrible car photos omg
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