did i mention that i went crazygonuts on black friday/cyber monday?  because that is a thing that definitely happened.  please pray for my bank account and please, somebody restrict my access to llarowe.com.  thank you in advance for your assistance in this trying time.

first photo (sorry for the shitty quality (≧╭╮≦)!), clockwise from 12:00 — picture polish honey dew, jade, tango, tiffany, ultra violence, watermelon, and wisteria;  a england st. george; nail pattern boldness boop-oop-a-dupe; cult nails wax that topcoat; elevation polish jengish chokusu ♥

the close-ups are st. george & ultra violence.

i’m super excited about a lot of these!  boop-oop-a-dupe is supposed to be reminiscent of clarins 230, which i am way too cheap to buy.  like, i know i clearly just spent a bajillion dollars on nail polish, but i’m not going to drop $50+ on a single bottle.  THAT’S INSANITY.

jengish chokusu is apparently a near-dupe of chanel’s mythical nouvelle vauge (more of a money-sink than clarins 230 by a long shot, so obviously i wouldn’t buy that either) - i think the only difference is that nouvelle vauge has some really subtle shimmer.

also, i’ve been searching for a pretty peachy/mango shade and i’m pretty sure that the picture polish tango is it.  you can’t tell from the picture, but it’s got the color without being tooooooo yellow or too neon.  it’s a bit brighter irl!  i’ve bought like 6 coral/peach polishes that fall into the too-orange/neon categories just searching for this color.  omg.

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